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How do i know if this is the right property?

You've saved up for a down-payment, gotten pre-approved and Now comes the next step: Find your dream house already!

#1 Find a Realtor

Only you will ultimately know which home is just right for you; however, a good agent will have a better handle on the market. Not only is your Agent keeping a constant eye out for newly listed homes you might love, but  he or she can also quickly go through your wish list and help you understand what is (and what isn't) realistic.

So be sure to tell your agent not only what you're looking for, but why you're moving, too.

“Downsizing? Moving closer to work? Accommodating a growing family? Likes and dislikes, wants and the not so necessary but may still be a plus. 

#2 See beyond what's in front of you (keep an open mind)  

Not everyone will decorate or outfit their property to your liking, maybe they put a non-structural wall in a really odd place, or so you may think. What’s functional to some may not be functional to you. Keep an open mind, see the potential, you may be able to make simple alterations or rearrangements to make this property your dream home.

#3 Take Pictures

There may be pictures or videos on, but only you would know exactly what you're particular about. Take pictures of your specific likes or dislikes to make comparisons to other properties easier. 

#4 Trust Your Instincts

Tune into how you feel, it’s  not all about what you see but also how you feel in  the space. A big part of home buying is emotional and this swirl of feelings may surprise you, drawing you toward homes you never thought you'd love and away from ones that hit every box on your checklist.

Always remember no house will give you everything that you desire, but you will find a property that has potential to make it your dream home.